We are a group of professionals who provide accounting in consulting services with a business approach, to the entire business community.

Financial audit & accountancy

Financial audit, management audit, special pupose audit, compliance services, accounting services, budget, paysheet outsourcing, preparation of financial statements.


Tax Consulting

International corporate and personal tax consulting, corporate restructuring, VAT consulting, tranfer princing, homestead protection, certificates expenses.


Corporate finance

Coordination and implementation of crossborder M&A assignments, search and selection of business of takovers and mergers, privatization and venture capital.


Risk analysis

Auditory and review of the internal control systems, audit under Sarbanes – Oxley Act rules, internal audit, forensic audit, certification services.


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GGI is one of the world’s leading international alliances with more than 395 independent, professional law, consulting and auditing firms in more than 100 countries throughout Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.