¿Who we are?

As a local company with international projection, OHM & Co. was founded to serve businessmen in Ecuador. The successful experiencie of its partners ensures services making solutions. We are commited towards quality and opportunity in our responses to support the success of our clients, based on our real independence of mind.


  • To provide high quality services.

  • Issue creative suggestions to enable you to optimize resources, improve controls and reduce costs.

  • Promptly inform about changes and trends that may affect your efficient development.

  • Help in queries related to our business and that arise during the course of our work.


Our management team

Walter Orellana


Mr. Orellana is a CPA, attorney and has a master’s degree in accounting and auditing. He was a professor at Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral and has been a speaker in symposiums related to the profession of public accounting.

He started at a young age with PWC and KPMG. He also held management positions in international corporations such as Merck Sharp & Dohne, Boehringer Mannheim and Uniweld Andina SA. For 19 years he was a partner at PKF & Co., directing important audit projects for organizations which have received funds from international organizations, such as USAID, IDB, IBRD, IOM, IAF, UNDP, UNHCR and others. His quality and expertise is recognized nationally. He is a bilingual accountant in Spanish and English.

He is also a member of the National Federation of Public Accountants of Ecuador and Lawyers Forum of the Republic of Ecuador.

Chafick Mahauad


Mr. Mahauad has a degree in business administration and public accounting. He is an international lecturer on topics related to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and issues related to the profession. Currently, he is a professor at the Technological Institute Holy Spirit in Guayaquil and Professor of Post-graduate degrees in Auditing by invitation of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Peru.

Initiallizing his career as an auditor at PKF & Co., where he worked for a period of 10 years and retired as a partner in that firm. His expertise is recognized in the valuation of business enterprises in retail, food industries, including financial institutions, management audits in public service concessions and audits for corporations. he is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

The Network

Irrespective of a company’s size, there has been a rapid escalation in the process of internationalization of corporate business relationships and networking. Global market presence is not only a reality, but in this day and age, a necessity. So how do you find people who are familiar with local legal, fiscal and economic principles, and who really understand the country-specific cultural mechanics? In today’s business world, there is a great need for local specialists with a globlal overview and finely tuned knowledge of national differences an standard business practices.

Geneva Consulting Group

Is a leading global network of professional independent auditors and accountants, law firms and management consultancies who understand international business. Having identified the need for such a network, Geneva Group was established in Geneva in 1995 and has continually grow over the years to over 345 firms with more than 551 offices located in 94 countries. Members and their clients can exchange information and access knowledge quickly and simlply through fellow members located all over the world.

The common link

Our reputation for excellence and integrity is our most valuable asset. All our member firms are committed to providing the hightest quality of service.

Our structure

Organigrama OHM