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Services making solutions

Auditing & Compliance

OHM can confirm and certify your company´s financial statement for management, investors, banks, or other interested parties

Accounting & Other Services

Preparation of Financial Statements, Budget and Business Planning, Management Accounting, Compliance and Assurance Services, Accounting an Payroll Outsourcing. 

Tax Consulting

Corporate, Personal, and International Tax Consulting. Corporate Restructuring. VAT Consulting, Transfer Pricing, Homestead Protection, Expense Certifications, Family Inheritance Planning.

Corporate Financing

Debt and/or Capital Financing, IPOs, Due Diligence Services, and Complete M&A Consultancy. Privatization and Venture Capital Services.

Management Consulting

Strategic Planning, Corporate Restructuring, Business Valuations, Feasibility Studies, Development and Implementation Systems, Inventory and physical identification of assets.

Risk Management and Assurance Analysis

Internal Systems Audits, Internal and Forensic Audits, Sarbanes – Oxley Act Compliance, Litigation Support, Dispute Resolution, Disaster Recovery Planning, Expense and Other Certification Services.

Why to prefer OHM?


Solid business relationships are based on trust. We adhere to only the highest ethical and professional standards. This is our constant, whether we are working with our clients, partners, or our employees.

Quality and Consistency

OHM applies the most demanding standards to all of our work and services. Our hiring criteria is just as rigorous, hiring only individual and professionals who demonstrate and practice the highes standards of character, quality and excellence.

Integrity and Independence

Our integrity, independence, and professional judgment are our most highly valued assets. These qualities insure our continuous objectivity and transparency in all of our dealings.

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