OHM & Co. is committed to protecting your privacy, so we put your know what information you would get to use, with whom she could be shared options regarding the collection, use and distribution of such information and safety procedures implemented to protect your privacy.


Collection of information

The site, by itself, does not collect any personal information from its visitors; unless the user requests some service. In case of request for service to our site corresponding information will be required to satisfy the request.

The site may collect non-personally identifiable information of visitors, such as IP address and browser type used at the time of visit to our website. This information is used in order to be analyzed and generate improvements in our site, should require them, and for security purposes.

Using information

The purposes of information use are indicated to the user when requesting the service. However, the following uses are expected:

Website visitors

Your information can only be used with prior consent. You may authorize OHM & Co. to register on the list of email subscription under to us to provide services or answer questions, analyze site statistics, provide information and promotional content on OHM & Co.


Customer information will be used to provide customer service. The contact list of customers clearly and strictly confidential use of firm personnel.

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